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MADE IN THE USA | Continuing the Legacy of quality sporting goods since 1914

Restoration & Repair

Old-school craftsmanship | Quality products | Made in the USA 

Specialized repair and restoration works. Get a free evaluation and quote.

Everything you need to fix up and care for your glove on your own.

Handcrafted original and replica boxing and baseball gloves made to last.


THe Original Glove Doctor

Over 30 years of expert restorations, repairs, and handcrafted sporting goods.

I just received my father’s refurbished Regent infielders glove. Nobody can believe that it’s close to 50 years old. You can bet that my 7-year old will be using it at practice tomorrow night. He couldn’t wait to see it. It looks and feels great, but the most amazing improvements are to the interior; you can feel it –- but you can’t see it. Thank you again.

Dallas, TX

Received the glove yesterday. I have to say that I was completely stunned when I opened the package. I never thought my glove would be returned to its original form as you have managed to do. In fact, it may be better than it was new!! The interior leather seems to be a higher grade than the original. I can't thank you enough. 

Philadelphia, PA

Just want you to know I am thoroughly amazed at the work you did on my glove. You are a miracle worker. This glove is priceless to me and well worth the repair costs. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that has a glove in need of repair. Thanks again for your great service.

 FarmingDale, NY


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