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JOHN GOLOMB's Replica Model 2006 & 2008 Professional Fight Boxing Gloves are the real deal in every way!

(6 oz. - small in size and 8 oz. - larger in size) Free shipping for all items over $50.

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery


The origins of the boxing glove are unknown. However, in 18th century England Jack Broughton introduced _��The London Prize Ring Rules,_ѝ which included the use of padded gloves. The basic design elements essentially did not change until the late 20th century. The fight glove consists of a soft leather shell with curled animal hair inserted in a lining pocket for padding over the fist. For nearly the entire 20th century, the 2006 dominated and was the preferred boxing glove. Like a Rawlings baseball and a Wilson _��Duke_ѝ football, the 2006 was the standard.  


Now you can have the same famous fight gloves made to exacting detail. 


  • Traditional old school construction built for everlasting value
  • Every seam leather welted
  • Fine select wine cowhide and cotton twill lining
  • Finest hygienic 100% natural animal hair padding

Replica Professional Fight Boxing Gloves - 20th Century

SKU: 2008-6
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.  30 days return for exchange, credit, and/or refund.