Restoration & Repair Service Detail

The following prices are for each operation is as they stand alone. The cost assessment for your restoration repair will never exceed $295 and average generally ave between $135 and $200

Total Re-Lacing Cost: $75.00 or $22.00/lace

JOHN GOLOMB's  He will match and/or replace all the rawhide lacing with your choice of  Natural Tan, Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Red, Royal Blue, Navy, Orange, Purple, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Pink, Gray and/or White; leather conditioning included.  Just $35 when Included with any leather restoration repair work .  2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Re-palm Leather Pocket Cost: $175.00

This means that the leather in the pocket of your glove where the ball hits, needs to be replaced with new leather. If your glove has tears or holes in this area then re-palm service is needed. John Golomb will match the color of the leather being replaced and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove. 6 to 8 weeks turn-around

Leather Lining Replacement Cost: $150.00

This means your glove or mitt has worn out in the area where you place your hand. The padding is showing through and there are holes and tears that are abrasive and annoying to you. JOHN GOLOMB's one-of-a-kind restoration service, replicates, replaces and installs a new leather lining.  John will match the color of the leather being replaced and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove.  6 to 8 weeks turn-around

JOHN GOLOMB The Glove Doctor is pleased offer America's only embroidery service. Personalize your glove like the Pros! Available in a range of colors and cursive and block print. $110.  This operation can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. Email me for more information:  $60 along with other leatherwork.

Web sizes and designs are not standard, they differ from glove to glove.  A glove's web is made specific to a specific model and designs change from year to year.   I can replicate or reconstruct an exact copy.  You are welcome to send me the original web or entire glove for exacting replication.  Here's how:   2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Binding Edge Replacement and Repair Cost: $85.00/glove

Your glove may need to have the rolled leather edging that wraps around the glove’s hand opening repaired. The original leather edging could be worn and torn, or the vinyl binding is now cracked and broken. JOHN GOLOMB will remove and replace the old vinyl or leather with fine high quality leather and match the color of the leather being replaced and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove. Included with lining restoration work .      6 to 8 weeks turn-around

Thumb & Pinky Loops and Wrist Straps Replacement Cost: $35.00 each loop or strap

Thumb and pinky loops are straps that help you grip and control your glove with your hand from the inside. In addition, your glove could have an adjustable wrist strap or Velcro strap that is broken or dysfunctional. JOHN GOLOMB will repair or replace the strap in exacting detail.  Included with lining restoration work .  2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Felt Padding Replacement and/or Stuffing Cost: $45.00 to $80 dependig on the scope of the work

These items are primarily the main pads that fill the thumb and pinky areas of the glove. There are additional smaller pads that fill the other fingers. Pre-war gloves have fabric or canvas sleeves that are filled with curled animal hair or cotton. If your glove has damaged or torn pads, JOHN GOLOMB will repair all or any of them with exacting detail and replace the felt foam or fabric materials and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove.  Included with lining restoration work .   2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Plastic Finger Support Replacements Cost: $60.00/each

Your glove or mitt may be floppy or not holding its shape. Often gloves and First Basemen’s and Catcher’s mitts are made with plastic flat spoon-shaped rigid supports inserted in the thumb and pinky areas to maintain their shape. They are installed originally in the felt padding and are not readily noticeable. JOHN GOLOMB can evaluate and determine whether these supports need to be replaced and also customize plastic supports for installation in your glove.  Included with restoration re-lining work .  2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Installing microSorb™ Pads Cost: $60.00/glove or mitt

Space age, super shock absorbent microSorb™ padding can be installed in your glove. This is a revolutionary material specially developed for this application. The material is thin, flexible, lightweight and super shock absorbing and unobtrusive. JOHN GOLOMB places the material in the area of your glove or mitt where the ball hits in the finger and palm area of the pocket. microSorb™ takes the sting out!  $35 when included with any restoration or re-lacing work .  2 to 3 weeks turn-around

Are you in a hurry?

JOHN GOLOMB The Glove Doctor is a highly specialized service and wants to give your item the best care it deserves. John's unique craft is always in demand. The work needed for your sports item could take as long as eight weeks, depending on the job. John will let you know exactly how long the repair will take when you receive your assessment.

We specialize in antique repair and restoration for sporting goods. Many of the nation’s best-known collectors, looking to have their gloves repaired properly, send in their antique and rare finds for restoration.

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