A Glove Story...Mayweather vs. McGregor, 8 oz. vs. 10 oz.

The upcoming match-up between an undefeated superb boxer and arguably the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, is a super match made in heaven. The specter and anticipation has the interest of the world in a way that hasn’t been seen in years. McGregor & Mayweather will wear 8 oz. gloves for their middleweight bout instead of the 10 oz. gloves typically mandated for fighters in the 154 lb. weight class. In granting this request, which was made jointly by the fighters, the commission has ignored a plea from the Association of Ringside Physicians. In theory, the lighter gloves will make for more powerful punches, especially for McGregor according to a New York Times article. This side

Three-Finger Gloves?

I did some work on Paul O’Neill’s glove back in the late 1990s. Every year Paul would receive complementary gloves from Rawlings. As the right fielder he preferred the ProT Trapeze style 12.5” outfielder’s glove. The work I had to perform was to strip out the padding in the heel. Paul liked to place or move over his second, third, and pinky in the small finger digit slot of the glove. His index finger would occupy the third finger slot. With the heel padding removed the glove would fold easily in a way to create an extra large ball receptacle, combining the web, index and second finger into a single enormous web. This technique of use is very common for many ball players. Actually, the use g

How Hank Greenberg Changed the Baseball Glove

Early first base mitt designs in the 1880s became specialized from the padded fielder’s glove to an oven mitt design. Many variations in the webbing between the fingers and the thumb existed. Some mitts had a simple crisscross lace and others had a simple leather strap with a buckle adjustment. The back of the hand fashioner varied as well with some mitts having a buckle back strap or the more standard strap with a button. The mitt changed little until the late ‘30s when ¬forces would come together to revolutionize mitts and gloves forever. Hank Greenberg “Hamming Hank” was an outstanding slugger with the Detroit Tigers in the ‘30s and ‘40s coming within a couple of home runs of tying Babe

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