Hold On!

I bet you never even gave a second thought to the baseball glove’s wrist strap. The strap is the most important design feature in terms of comfort, fit and function for your glove, keeping it on your wrist just right. Today there are a variety of ways gloves can stay fastened, ranging from elaborate lacing, Velcro and even air bladders that can be pumped to tighten around the wrist. The earliest gloves were nothing more than literally leather workman’s, the kind that were retailed in hardware stores. The strap was no more than a simple leather strap that fastened around the back of the wrist bound with a small buckle or metal button. The adjustment could be made tighter with several additio

Feel the Sting!

Anyone who has caught a well thrown ball or a hard hit ball has felt the sting in the palm of their glove. Ouch! The great hall of famer Honus Wagner cut a hole in the palm of his glove in order to better control the feel of the ball when it hit his hand. Wagner was obviously not concerned with the sting. Before the Second World War, when players wore little gloves, catching a baseball was a skilled art. Like many boomers who grew up in the 1950s and played Little League, I was taught to catch with two hands. There was a good reason. My coach, a member of the greatest generation, grew up playing ball with small gloves. Although catching with the glove hand alone was not impossible, it was s

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