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Glove care suggestions

Cleaning the leather of gloves is a really great way to maintain them.  Think about cleaning the glove the same way you would clean your hands. When they get dirty wash them. You wouldn’t necessarily use solvents or rough cleansers on your hands, so don’t use them on the glove. Generally, water will not hurt the glove, as long as you don’t allow the glove to stay wet or damp for long periods of time which could lead to mold and stains that could cause leather degradation and/or atrophy.  Stains and atrophied areas in the leather are identified by surface cracking and hard dark patches.  Unfortunately, when leather reaches this condition it can not be restored, so cleaning the glove’s leather and properly storing between use are critical to its longevity.  I sell a specially formulated leather cleaner Glove Doctor Cleanup or you can use a mild hand soap the same as for your hands.  It’s a good idea to clean the dirt and grime that may get on the glove during use regularly, a couple times a season at least.  Just to note further, using a conditioner on the glove after cleaning is a good idea. Be sure to use a conditioner recommended by the manufacturer since not all conditioners are formulated the same. Be careful not all conditioners are the same and follow the directions on the label, so to avoid over use and unnecessary problems. I also sell a great conditioner Glove Doctor Glove Medicine.  I hope this has been helpful.  John

For proper care of your glove or mitt, I recommend you follow these special instructions:

Clean the glove completely with Glove Doctor Clean-Up leather cleaner 

or  a mild hand soap.


Be sure to carefully follow the directions on the Clean-Up leather cleaner label.  

This operation is basically washing the glove leather to remove any dirt, grime and mold that builds up in some cases.  Don't worry, water will not hurt the leather.

If its good glove leather, this cleaning operation will open the leather’s natural pores and restore the leather.

Let the glove dry completely in a cool dry place naturally.  Do not rush the process and never put a glove in an oven or blow dry anytime.

Now when the leather has completely dried, 

you can apply  Glove Doctor Glove Medicine.  

Wipe the excess Medicine off with a clean rag.

If you do the work correctly, you will find the results of this process satisfying

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