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How to Properly Care for Your Glove

I recommend you follow these special instructions: Perhaps you clean and condition your glove occasionally one or two times during or between seasons. You cannot overdo this operation when you use the proper products.

Clean the glove completely with Glove Doctor Clean-Up leather cleaner or mild hand soap.

NEVER USE DISHWASHING LIQUID OR ANY DETERGENT Soap and water will not hurt the leather. Glove Doctor Clean-up opens the leather’s natural properties to help nurture the leather deep down.

Always be careful to follow the directions on the Clean-Up leather cleaner label. I supply a specific sponge to gently scrub and rinse the dirt and grime for the glove’s leather.

The woven side of the sponge is useful for a gentle scrub cleaning and the and soft terry cloth side is good for removing the excess soap and water.

This operation is basically washing the glove leather to remove any dirt, grime and mold that may build up in use. Let the glove dry completely in a cool dry place naturally. Do not rush the process and never put a glove in an oven or blow dry anytime.

Now when the leather has completely dried, you can apply Glove Doctor Glove Medicine directly from the jar using your finger tips to spread the specially formulated conditioner on all surfaces of the glove’s leather. Wipe the excess Medicine off with a clean rag. If you do the work correctly, you will find the results of this process very satisfying.


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