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  • Custom Embroidering Service for your glove or mitt
  • Custom Embroidering Service for your glove or mitt

Custom Embroidering Service for your glove or mitt


My service is the only one in the world. We can embroider names on finished gloves. The process involves disassembling your glove removing the leather panel from the glove.  A specialist embroiders the name on the leather.   The glove is reassembled and returned to you.  The process usually takes as long as 8 to 10 weeks at this time. 

Personalize your glove.  Embroider your name. 

If you have a glove or mitt you would like to embroider, $160 per glove ( New York State Sales Tax 8.36%)  plus $25.00 (in the USA only FREE shipping for NY residents) shipping and handling.

Select from BLOCK or Cursive styles in black, blue, red, brown, gold or white thread.

To send your item, here's what you do:


Just write what you would like to see on a piece of masking tape (be sure you do not use any other kind of tape than masking tape, it could leave a mark on the glove) and place it on the glove where you would like to see it.


NOTE:  The glove’s leather is a natural organic material, which absorbs oils and stains as it ages. This condition cannot be returned to its original store-bought look.  However, my work cleans and restores the vitality of the leather and the glove will maintain it’s broken in shape and feel.

Send your package to: and be sure to INCLUDE YOUR E-Mail Address, someone will write to you as soon as we receive your item.

TO SEND ME THE ITEM Click here to include a order form with your item.


Once you have sent your item to me, I will email and will discuss the repair costs with you before I do any work. There is no obligation and after I’ve given you my thorough assessment. If you don’t want me to restore the item, I will send it back to you at no charge.



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