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I created The Glove Doctor restoration service company because I understand how much you value your sporting goods item and want to preserve it. With my expert training in sports equipment design and leather crafting, I am able to offer highly unique repair and restoration work, including a free evaluation. 



JOHN GOLOMB, The Glove Doctor, is the number one source for restoration and repair. 


There is almost nothing I can't do to restore your glove or mitt.

Holes in the lining? Tears in the leather? Broken web, binding edge or wrist strap?

Missing thumb or pinky loop? Damaged lacing? Want the label replaced?

Need some glove aide to get the sting out? No problem!  














The magic to glove restoration is to repair the glove without losing the legacy—the look and feel of the glove. At JOHN GOLOMB, my restorations are fully functional, meaning your glove is meant to be used. 


Do you have a football, striking bag or antique basketball in need of some TLC?

I can do it all.  


There's an added benefit to restoration work as well. Every year, the US generates approximately 230 million tons of trash, about 4.6 pounds per person per day. By repairing your sports item, you are reusing/recycling, which saves money, reduces energy and fuel use, saves landfill space and improves air and water quality—creating a healthier, more sustainable environment. And all the repairs are done in the US, supporting the American economy!


My work is a labor of love. Each restoration is a puzzle and is given specialized attention, resulting in total satisfaction. 

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I'd like to assess the work that needs to be done on your item before I give you a price quote. 


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I will email you with an assessment of your item along with instructions on how to send it to me. 

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After I’ve received your glove, I’ll send an email to let you know it has arrived safely and we’ll discuss the repair work. 


Note: If you wish, at anytime we will return your item at no charge.

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