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MADE IN THE USA | Continuing the Legacy of quality sporting goods since 1912

The American Fight Glove

About these special 8 oz. Everlast fight gloves. I wasn’t surprised that Carlo’s evaluation was extremely complimentary because I actually designed and supervised the production of these unique gloves.

At the time when these gloves were made Everlast had been the premier manufacturer of boxing related equipment in New York City for more than 90 years–the “Choice of Champions”. For the record, some the account csquared gave wasn’t precisely accurate. Lost to antiquity and more factual contradictory to the present Everlast ownerships accounting, Everlast was established by my grandfather Jacob and his brother Morris in 1915. My father David (Dan) Golomb would take over the legacy in the 1950’s. When my father died in 1995 the then owners of the company changed the founding date to 1910 for reasons unknown. I can only speculate, making the business older would somehow be more memorable for marketing purposes. Sadly, the New York factory would come up 11 years short of its 100th birthday, when the then owners of Everlast closed the boxing glove manufacturing facility in 2003.

When the gloves were weighed in the video they were almost exactly to the 8 oz. specification and it was an indication of the exacting attention to detail the Everlast Bronx manufacturing facility made in all their products. The quality of the materials, its specially selected leather, fit, feel and finish of the gloves are another hallmark of the Factory’s all-encompassing extensive dedication to making the finest products befitting the name Everlast. The gloves were made in the Bronx, NY, since the shrink wrap they were packaged in is unique to the date of their manufacturing. The strap attaching the thumbs in the gloves made in the Bronx were always a nylon webbing.

Sadly, they would disappear forever in 2003 when Everlast stopped making this uniquely crafted product in the USA.


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