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Best Boxing Gloves Reviews 2022

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

"John Golomb – The “Everlast Grandson” ($425)

He is the grandson of Everlast’s original founder (Jacob Golomb). John Golomb, known as “The Glove Doctor”, is an expert of all experts, a true leather craftsman, and has contributed much to the science and history of boxing gloves. Has been the go-to expert for restoring historical sports gloves, not just boxing but also baseball and many other leather pieces.

  • Story about the Golomb’s work in Everlast’s history – New York Times

  • Interview with John Golomb, “A World Champion Craftsman” – Shinola

  • He’s also known for glove repairs (maybe you want your gloves re-lined and re-padded?). Probably isn’t cheap but can repair your favorite gloves even better than it was new.

John Golomb’s American Training Glove ($425) – just going off the images alone (look at the welted seams), I have no doubt this is a quality glove that is built to outlive you. It’s made in the USA by a craftsman who cares. Instead of buying an overrated Grant glove for the same price, you can get an authentic piece of American history. Built with latex and also horsehair."


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